The Art of Writing and Some Odd Fanfic

Well… erm… hello there, internet! I guess…

The thing is I love writing. So what I’ going to do, is I’m going to write some random happenings every now and again, and send them into that bottomless pit known as the internet. I don’t know what I was thinking either, so forgive me if my mindless dribble confuses you.

I guess that I better not put this off any longer, so I’ll start with some random writing right now, rather unlike my usual character. Fan fiction, or fanfic, are stories written by amatuer authors, using characters from popular books, television shows or movies. Now, this is freaking awesome, and good fan fiction is really entertaining. There are, however, thousands of pieces of fan fiction which pass from the realm of good-natured fun into crazy-messed-up-crimes-against-nature… These include Big Bang Theory Fanfic where Penny educates Sheldon on the finer arts of modern life, Twilight’s Edward and Bella expand their relationship into the realms of weird, or (and this is by far my favourite) the heart-wrenching story of a forbidden romance between Jesus Christ and Adol Hitler. And no, you did not read that wrong. I did say Christ and Hitler. I know, its unbelievable. Some may say it’s offensive and blasphemous. It is also ridiculous to the point of hilarity, and I suggest you all read it. You might want to keep a sponge and some bleach handy to scrub out the memory of the disgusting acts described, but read it!

Whoever the hell is out there, if anyone reads this, please, for the love of whatever is out there, leave a comment, so I don’t feel as if I’m shouting at a brick wall!


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