Chronic Clumsiness – Part 2

So, as it turns out, ice skating is not like riding a bicycle. You DO forget. Here are some thoughts about ice skating, from the views of one with chronic clumsiness.

  • Prior to ice skating, one should probably not consume two batches of pancakes, two boxes of Oreos and an ice cream with ones friends. Sugar rushes don’t generally work well with ice skating.
  • Falling isn’t really painful, it just results in having supremely cold nether regions for the rest of the night.
  • Boyfriends are very helpful, as they prevent you from falling. I mean, they may laugh at you and jokingly shove you, but its better than falling.
  • Those who can not ice skate are likely to form bonds with those who can. This is demonstrated in the ultimate weirdness of my best friend and my boyfriend’s brother spending an awful lot of time together. 
  • Either ice skating is something you have to practice weirdly to keep up, or I’m just really bad at ice skating. Either way the art of sliding along frozen water atop tiny little blades has forsaken me.

So,bottomless internet void, these outings are extremely fun, even for those who, like me, suffer from chronic clumsiness. I mean, it gives other people something to laugh at.


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