Feminism – Why it’s necessary and why it’s misunderstood

Recently, I have begun to notice that feminism has a rather bad reputation. Feminists have been tagged as annoying, unreasonable men-haters. This saddens me deeply, as those ‘feminists’ are actually the opposite of what feminism is all about. Feminism is not about women being better than men, it’s about men and women being equal. Anyone who calls themselves a feminist and then proceeds to talk badly of either gender is going against the whole purpose of feminism.

I have heard many people proclaim that feminism is no longer necessary and many others state that because of feminism, men’s rights are ignored. Well, most dearest and most beloved bottomless void of the internet, it is a sad fact of life that feminism is most definitely necessary, and here is why:

(1) The serious:

  • There are many countries where child marriage is a common and everyday occurrence. In case anyone didn’t know, this is when young girls (usually around ten years old) are forced, by their parents, into marrying middle aged men.  These girls have no choices of their own and are raped and abused by their husbands. Click here  to read more.
  • In Turkey, a sixteen year old girl was buried alive for talking to boys.
  • While rape and abuse are serious problems across genders, the vast majority of reported rape victims are female. According to rainn.org, nine out of every ten rape victims is female.

(2) The Unjust:

To this day, women in many first world countries are paid less than men in the exact same jobs.

(3) The Downright annoying:

I am sick of hearing people say that women can’t be scientists, or that men can’t be chefs. I  am tired of walking into a costume store and seeing only male doctor’s costumes and only female nurses costumes. I hate being looked down upon in IT class because I am one of the six girls that take the subject. I’d much rather drive rusty nails into my eyeballs than continue to listen to any more ‘women belong in the kitchen’  jokes.

In conclusion, feminism is still, sadly, very much necessary in today’s society. Until we have equality of the sexes, we can not hope to  reach our society’s full potential. All of humankind has to work together to succeed as a species.

I do not want to live in a world where people are judged, tortured and murdered because of their genitalia.


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