Yet Another Anti-Societal Rant

Greetings, bottomless void. The rant you are about to read was composed in the back of my maths book in a moment of teenage angst. Who knows, it may have some truth or even some entertainment value somewhere deep within. Here goes…

Don’t you ever have a day where all you want to do is crawl into bed and forget that the world exists? A day where you can lie, cocooned in the heavenly warmth and safety of your blankets? A day to stay in a place where you have nothing but your most extraordinary fantasies to keep you company?

Some days, the world gets to be too much. Not too much good. Not too much bad. Just too much of the mediocre. Your work seems pointless. The people who surround you appear false and superficial. Everything you live for and work towards just seems utterly unimportant.Why am I doing this maths homework? Why am I here? Why are we spending our lives working towards these objectives? Why do we see this as normal?

We have become so wrapped up in our objectives and goals that it is no longer acceptable to simply experience a day. I want to stay up reading until the sun rises, not get ‘a good night’s rest for school’. After that that I want to go sit on the grass, not caring that the dew may absolutely destroy my pants. I don’t want to try block out the cold, I want to feel the sting of the cool air on my cheeks.

I don’t want to feel obligated to hide my true feelings from society. I want to talk about the world, not about where I’m going to university. I want to hug genuinely, not as a forced greeting, simply because I can. I want to feel arms wrapped around me and relish the feeling of holding another soul in my arms.

The harsh reality of human life is that to survive, one must abandon their humanity and join the rat race. Bottomless void of the Internet, do you think that is any way to truly live?

Congratulations for making it this far. Now for a few routine announcements:

  • having received a request, the post on ‘Marriage and the concept of being with someone forever’ is under construction and will appear in the next couple of days.
  • My internet hates me and is really slow and unreliable, so things take forever to be updated
  • Forgive me internet, for I have sinned. I apologise for being a lazy procrastinator.

One thought on “Yet Another Anti-Societal Rant

  1. teco24 says:

    Once again, I am so grateful for having a friend that shares my sentiments. For numerous people (some may realize it and others not) life seems to be pointless. What – seriously ponder this – is the motivation behind all of THIS? I believe that we are conditioned to go through all of THIS to achieve THAT. Will THAT really make you happy? I am lead to believe (after much reading up in Buddhist philosophy, “The Road Less Travelled”, etc.) that you can truly, honestly know what THAT is once you engage with your own spirituality (the true authentic You – not what society conditions you to be).

    What I have started realizing over the past few weeks is something quite profound. Yes, here comes the cliché – Live in the Now. As Deepak Chopra perfectly puts into perspective my gradual “aha” moment, “Life is nothing but a continuous series of present moments.” There exists a fine line between… 1) Living Here, Now – Doing what your spirit tells you and being spontaneous about it. 2) Being Present – Finding joy in the mundane. I’ve realized that fostering the quality of Awareness in daily, mundane living is the key to a meaningful life.

    Just a general reminder: I am working on a blog regarding the Now topic. 🙂

    Greetings fellow sentient beings and special sentient being (yes that’s you bird, synonymous with a Crow)


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