Exercise is the Bane of My Existance

Anyone who knows me (however distantly) will know that exercise is my number one hatred. I have, however, come to a startling conclusion.

The one thing I hate more than exercise is living in a weak body. I see myself is constantly striving to be the epitome of Kick Assery. I want to be a super powerful, strong, independent and proud individual, yet I am living in something frail and misused. I want to live as someone who pushes society forward, who works towards the expansion of our scientific knowledge. I want to travel the world, yet I can not even run five kilometres.

I wanted to be mentally strong, but I realised that I need more than mental strength. I think it is absolutely fantastic how people run for kilometres on end and lift, push and pull themselves through all kinds of obstacles. I admire those people and I want to be like them. I wish I could use my body as a tool to explore the world more deeply. I want to be able to push it to new boundaries and new extremes, just like I want to do with my mind.

Of course, another aspect of my new found desire is that I can not stand any feelings of inferiority. I look up to these people, but I also envy them.  I know jealousy makes you nasty, but at least I am using it as a tool for self improvement.

This is why, bottomless void of the internet, I need to exercise. This is why daily exercise has been added to my to-do list (which is, of course, completely kick ass).

This is exactly why I am sitting here typing this as my overworked body screams at me, from my thighs right up to my triceps (whatever those are). Even though I loathe exercise, I need to experience what it feels like to live with strength. I need what I’m sure is that sense of pride and awe that comes from running ridiculously long distances or doing one hundred push ups without dying. So I will do whatever it takes to get that feeling, because it seems to me like it could quite possibly be the most insanely exhilarating feeling in the world.

So, bottomless void, if you are one of those insanely awesome people, continue. If you are someone who loathes exercise as much as I do: Please just think about this: Think of how glorious and empowering it would be to live in something so strong and so useful. Think of how living in a weak body could stop you from experiencing the world more wholeheartedly.

PS: I do not like the concept of ‘Lady’s Push Ups’  I am NOT a lady, and I will do the normal ones even if I do collapse every few seconds.

PPS: As I sit here, with the fiery pains of hell running through my muscles, the corny motivational quote ‘Pain is weakness leaving your body’ really helps.

PPPS:  Fitocracy is an awesome website/app. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Exercise is the Bane of My Existance

  1. teco24 says:

    Hello fellow Thinker! I guess I’ll be rock-climbing, hiking and mountain biking with you in Stellenbosch! :). Once again, love your blogging, ideas, vocabulary and the following phrase (which will be used often as a ‘quote by a person whom I admire’): “I want to live as someone who pushes society forward, who works towards the expansion of our scientific knowledge. I want to travel the world”.

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