Greetings once more, bottomless void

This post is in response to the blogging 101 course.

I started blogging years ago (by which I mean I had a blog). I never posted and my only follower was my dad.

I started this blog a couple of years ago and it was a far more positive experience. I wrote rants and commentaries and personal ancedotes to my heart’s content (read: every two months). The important thing was: I had views. Not very many, but there were people who entered the bottomless void of the internet and came up with my blog. That thought gives me the warm and fuzzies.

When I first started blogging,  my intention was to relieve myself of some of my pent up tension and frustration by sharing it with fellow  dwellers. I am scared, angry, confused, uncomfortable in my own skin and I think that is something that many people my age (and many adults) experience. I want to talk about inequality, religion, mortality, life and love but there is no forum for me to accomplish this in my daily life.

This blog is the manifestation of my desire to share my opinions and my insecurities.

I write about anything that touches me and makes me feel out of the ordinary emotions.

If my blog was the best it could be, it would be a place where people could find comfort and entertainment. It would be a place where people would connect over those topics which are taboo and finally find the closure they need. It would be a place of ideas not confined by the limitations of the socially acceptable.


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