I want someone to show me the light. I want someone to come into my confused, melancholic life and show me the way.  Someone to calm all my worries and answer all my questions.  Someone to come forth and tell me what purpose there is or why I should stop worrying about purpose.

I want to stop being confused and worried and scared.  I want a day where I don’t feel lost or tossed aside or overwhelmed. A day where I can just be.

I want a day where I can wake up and see only the beauty in the world.  I want a day that will (at least temporarily) squash my cynicism. A day that is awe inspiring and wonderful and filled with love and laughter and happiness.

I need someone to tell me that it’s okay to take a day. I need someone to remind me to appreciate. Someone to nudge me to the garden at sunrise or to the botanical gardens this Saturday.

I need to force myself out of stagnation and into something new. I don’t know how to do that.  I’ve tried and I’ve struggled but I don’t know how to “think outside the box”. I need someone to teach me how to “live in the now” and how to “carpé diem”.

I need someone, somewhere, somehow to say the magic words (what words, I don’t know) that will lift this cruel and unusual frame of mind.

Are you that person?


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